Meet Joseph Dobrian

Joseph Dobrian has published five novels—most of them dealing with middle-class, middle-American families—and two collections of journalism and personal essays. He is especially known for his “State City Trilogy”: three novels about romance and intrigue in the fictional town of State City, Iowa. He is also a well-known historian of boxing. 

Joseph Dobrian has written and spoken extensively on politics, religion, sports, and educational issues. He stands for objective truth, beauty, and Judeo-Christian values. As an actor, he has appeared Off-Broadway and in regional theatre. He has hosted several arts- and politics-oriented talk shows. He ran for U.S. House of Representatives from New York, in 2002, and for Mayor of New York City, in 2009.

Starting his career as a sportswriter (specializing in boxing), Joseph Dobrian quickly developed into an all-around journalist, with special emphasis on real estate, personal and commercial finance, the construction trades, and luxury retail. Born in Madison, Wisconsin. and educated at the University of Iowa, Joseph Dobrian lived for several decades in New York City and now makes his home in Iowa City, Iowa.