Lanie beck

5 Stars


So excited to read Joseph’s new novel! Story-line sounds interesting, and I can’t wait to see how the characters develop!


5 Stars

Great author!

I gave it five stars because I really like this author and I know it will be a good read. I can’t wait to read it.


5 Stars

Great story about 1960's-70's in mid-west university town

Well written story about life in a Big-10 college town and an important “local” family. I really enjoyed the use of historical events (that I remember) woven into the book. It gave me a better understanding of the mindset of young women at the time. Highly recommend for the book for all. I plan on checking out other books by the author.


5 Stars

I didn't want Feldy's Girl to end.

The characters, story and era pulled me in. It’s difficult to write a review without revealing how I was connected to Feldy’s Girl because of my age, life dreams and a good father. I loved this book and would like to read a sequel someday.


sin. Dobrian, Joseph. Feldy's Girl (p. 1). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

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